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JANUARY 15, 2018


      It’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day and you have people asking the current president if he’s a racist. Said president says he doesn’t want immigrants from “shithole” countries. He wants it based on merit. He doesn’t want to provide opportunities for people from those “shithole” countries to better their lives. Is he a racist? Damn fucking right he is… and when Trump tells a reporter that he’s the least racist person they’ll interview, you’re expecting him to say “some of my best friends are…”

      I’ll leave it at that. While you think about King’s legacy, realize that it’s far from fulfilled. In fact, it’s going in the opposite direction.


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BLIGHT-The Dream Was Dead (Touch and Go)


7 SECONDS-I Have A Dream (BYO)

NEOS-Destruct (Rat Cage)

KRAUT-Army Sport (New Red Archives)

CAUSE FOR ALARM-True Colors (self-released)

POISON IDEA-Thorn In My Side (Fatal Erection)

LAST RIGHTS-Do What You Want (Taang)

DEATHWISH-Tailgate (Amory Arms)


RUNT-Officer (La Vida Es Un Mus)

SCRAP BRAIN-Don’t Talk To Me (Thrilling Living)

SNOB-Kick The Bin (self-released)

NARC PARADE-My Friends (demo)

PRAG-Moss Piglet (demo)

SUNSHINE WARD-Napalm B (Bloody Master)


NEO-Tran-Sister (Jet)


SOUP DRAGONS-Whole Wide World (Sire)

SNUFF-Not Listening (Sixth International)

JOYCE MCKINNEY EXPERIENCE-Armchair Critic (Boss Tuneage)




QUANGO-Living In A Shithole (Danger)

POOR LILY-Trap Door (self-released)

BITS OF SHIT-Ownership (Homeless)

PURA MANIA-Rey de Ratas (Cvrecs)


HYGIENE-Asbestosis (from “Terminal Decay,” Artcore)


RUDE KIDS-Absolute Ruler (Distortion)

DISHRAGS-I Don’t Love You (from “Vancouver Complication,” Sudden Death)

THE CURSE-Shoeshine Boy (Other People’s Music)

ROTTERS-Sit On My Face, Stevie Nicks (Dionysus)



MOCKINPOTT-Vitilgo (demo)

NO LOVE-Seduce and Use (demo)

IVY-Got No Instinct (Toxic State)

MUJERES PODRIDAS-Pesadillas (Symphony of Destruction)




TIMEBOMBS-Hive Mind (Cowabunga)

ADVLTS-Do The Adult (Toxic Pop)

DEFEKTORS-Doomsday Girl (Nominal)

CYNICS-Way It’s Gonna Be (Get Hip)

STUMP WIZARDS-Reel to Reel (Get Hip)


SO BE IT-Veteran’s Day (self-released)

DIATRIBE-Emblem (Rancid Cat)

SEEIN’ RED-Resisting Together, Hate Factories (from “Starting From Zero,” Crucial Response)

PUBLIC ENEMY-By The Time I Get To Arizona (Def Jam)


MOTÖRHEAD-Fire, Fire (Mercury) in memory of Fast Eddie Clarke

FASTWAY-Say What You Will (Columbia)

RORY GALLAGHER-Shin Kicker (Chrysalis)




MISSIONARY-Zionist (demo)

GAS RAG-Fucking System (Lengua Armada)

FRIED EGG-Side By Side (Beach Impediment)

CITIZENS PATROL-Shit For Brains (No Way)

FIX MY HEAD-Mission: Hipster (Inimical)

INSTANT ASSHOLE-Make Fuck Buy War (Tankcrimes)


KLEENEX-Ain’t You (Kill Rock Stars)

ESSENTIAL LOGIC-Aerosol Burns (Rough Trade)

SLITS-Typical Girls (Island)

SWELL MAPS-Vertical Slum (Mute)

RONDOS-A Black and White Statement (King Kong)


RED ALERT-Rebels In Society (No Future)